About Human Systems

This is an era of crises—in ecosystems, politics, media, etc. A common cause is that systems have been designed around metrics (dollars, clicks, views, votes) that have little to do with life meaning. These systems neglect our values.

Human Systems is a research network and community of practice for people redesigning social systems for what matters most.

Our Team

Ben Gabbai, course guide

Ben is a scholar of Talmud and Jewish Thought. He is hands-on about education, holding a B. Ed., teaching 4th grade and homeschooling with his wife. He enjoys reading other old books too, especially about philosophy.

Joe Edelman, founder

Joe wrote most of the textbook we use, and before that he coined the term “Time Well Spent” which has been adopted as a guiding light in metrics by teams at Facebook, Google, and Apple and led to many product and ranking changes.

Jakob Wolski, course guide

Jakob is a bodyworker and student of anthropology and religious science. He's nerdy about people, design theory and community. In his free time he likes to tell stories and visualize human values.​

Anne-Lorraine Selke, mission contact

Anne has a background in organizational psychology, creative writing, game design, and design thinking. She specializes in tracing people's hard-earned wisdom and how they grow, and in tracking what practices work in what contexts.

Nathan Vanderpool, mission contact

Nathan has a PhD in Sociology and a speciality in redesigning faith-based and wisdom-based organizations, org processes, and rituals.

Serj Hunt, mission contact

Serj creates learning spaces where the norms and interactions around pedagogy, curriculums, environments and assessments are quite different.