Kate Pincott, Designer at Facebook

This marks one of the most important shifts in my design career and, I believe, in our industry.

Katherine McConachie, MIT Media Lab

This curriculum is the best way for designers of social systems to do their jobs responsibly. My hope is that this can lead more people to articulate and confront how their company’s tool or platform is letting people down — and inspire them to do better.

Andy Matuschak, Khan Academy

I found the “hard steps” concept really helpful. Translating from values to specific difficult actions seems to reliably generate insights. 

Sergio Hunt, Community Designer

The Human Systems curriculum has helped to fundamentally shift the way I approach my Life and Design. It has helped prime my mind for a new way of perceiving the world around me. Seemingly complex issues have become clarified by a profoundly simple shift in perspective. Its interesting how convoluted and contradictory mental models are now finding common ground in a profoundly playful way. The Human systems community are some of the most eclectic and fascinating people I have met. They manage to merge meaning into the mundane, clarify the rules of our games and facilitate fun in an overly serious world.

Max Stossel, Center for Humane Technology

I took this course to better understand how can we design technology that actually enhances our humanity. It was helpful in that regard, but it also taught me a huge amount about my own values. I learned how to identify which of my behaviors are coming from an internally motivated place and which are based on external pressures. Highly recommend this course both as someone interested in the future of tech design and as someone interested in self-improvement and human behavior!

Sean Aubin, Emagin

I used HS101 to talk to my sister about her existential questions, while still framing it in the Christian theological framework she's most familiar with and she was able to identify approaches within 10 minutes. The next week, she described how her new approaches had helped her.

Benjamin Gabbai, Teacher

Had a great time doing value refinement with my friend. It allowed me to admire and appreciate the beauty of their personality in a new way.

Katja Vakula, frantic.com

I can have deeper and more meaningful interaction with people (colleagues, users, clients, friends..). I have done the exercises from the course with my colleagues and it has been very enlightening. They have found also new meaning for their work and I have encouraged them to share the exercises with other people too.

Laura Salas, European Democracy Lab

HS101 gave me a new method for approaching the question of meaning in life, institutions and societies.

Mattia Fregola, Deputy

I gained more self awareness and feel more relaxed about some of my own behaviours I previously wouldn't accept.

Will Wrutter, Wrye Design Lab

It opened my eyes to a new way to think about my work.

Kevin DeLand, Open Learning Initiative

EVERYBODY needs this course: tech designers (UX, UI, games, etc), education (teachers, administrators, etc), people looking to change culture w/in their workplace or friend groups.

Jakub Lanc, HUS.prague

HS101 showed me that it's possible to conceive value articulation methodically and directly translate it to design considerations.

Ryan Mather, Google via Adecco

The class gave me a toolset of questions that help me find a deeper truth relating to intentions and goals for individuals.

Josh Whitkin, Design Consultant

I gained a detailed understanding of how to interview someone to uncover their value.

Joe Louise Evans, Designer

Actionable processes for approaching personal values.

Tina Roitzheim, Clinical Psychologist

The clarity feels amazing and empowering 🦄 can‘t wait for my neurons to make these new fancy connections that will allow me to help other peeps formulate their values!