Human Systems is a global community
for those redesigning institutions and social spaces
so as to better support meaningful lives and human values.


Policies and technologies often make it harder for people to live by their values (like honesty, open-mindedness, courage, and care). We consider this a major problem. We help you learn to measure this problem and fix it, and thus to address downstream social problems (like depression, isolation, and the breakdown of democracy). The best way to get started is by coming to our online sessions.


Human Systems focuses on making better social networks of all kinds, including local, in-person communities and workplaces. To this end, we collaborate on a handbook of helpful practices for communities and for redesigning social systems. This is an open-source, collaborative project that you can help build out and test.

Trusted Designers

We have a growing network of trained and proven design and metrics mentors. These are respectful, trustworthy people who understand how difficult it is to change products and processes that are already operating at scale. They can keep their cool in rooms with a crazy mix of stakeholders. They mostly have day jobs changing the world, but they could take a moment to help you if it's important. Do you need one?

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