Human Systems is a research network and training program,
organized around one global challenge: redesigning social systems
so as to better support meaningful lives and human values.


Human Systems is a research network for innovation in human systems (organizational policies, political institutions, economic mechanisms, social technologies, group practices, etc). We look for new human systems which better support participants' agency and life meanings.

During COVID-19, we are mapping the social innovations now emerging. We are gathering new social formats which—even after the crisis—can be used to build a more sustainable and meaning-oriented society. As part of this work, we are finding the most innovative fb/telegram/slack groups sprouting up and running surveys in those communities. We will highlight innovations which drive meaning and agency, and spread them. We are mapping innovations in these areas: First: local volunteer & workforce coordination; Next: scientific collaboration, trustworthy media, online spirituality & play, and talent discovery; Finally: workplaces, social & entertainment venues, and housing communities.


In our classes and through mentorship, we help you redesign the social systems that you're responsible for, or stuck inside. We also teach various skills.

  • Learn to precisely articulate values—yours and those of others— and see when and how they are crowded out by other motivations and situational factors.
  • Redesign systems (workplaces, schools, family structures, social apps, etc) so as to support meaningful lives, interactions, and work. Monitor and address negative social consequences of products, institutions or organizations. Avoid the soul-crushing, the meaningless, and the performative. Use the HS Redesign Method .
  • Make rituals, games, group practices, organizational policies, institutions, or social technologies around values that are important to your community but lack space for full expression.
  • Join a vibrant and diverse network of meaning-first designers, and collaborate on your designs.

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