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Human Systems is a global collective that practices a new kind of social analysis, interpersonal understanding, and game design. We work to reinvent social systems and institutions that aren't working well.

Human Systems develops games and analysis techniques to help you change norms, fix broken systems, and recover meaning.

Change Norms.

Hidden factors structure our social interactions in surprising ways. Any social environment—whether it’s a standup meeting at work, a chatroom online, or a difficult chat with dad—makes some things easier, others harder. Learn to see how this works, and change the games people play.

Fix Broken Systems.

Policies and technologies often make it harder for people to live by their values (like honesty, open-mindedness, courage, and care). We consider this a major problem. We help you learn to measure this problem and fix it, and thus to address downstream social problems (like depression, isolation, and the breakdown of democracy).

Recover Meaning.

The best social spaces support individuals' sense of meaning. In the worst, meaning gets lost. Trace where meaning comes from in your life and others’, and where it gets blocked by poorly-designed institutions, processes, and environments.

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How to Get Started


The best way to get started is by taking our online class: Human Systems Fundamentals. For Fundamentals graduates who want to go deeper, we offer a High Impact Program.


We open-source a range of materials as HSx: practices, guides and resources for cultivating shared interest and deep collaborative exploration among your friends, colleagues and local community.


Human Systems has faciliated workshops for some of the world’s most impactful teams, from startups to the tech stacks. We are sometimes available for other events, like conferences.

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