Human Systems is a network for mentorship and research,
around one global challenge: redesigning social systems
so as to better support meaningful lives and human values.


We set you up with one-to-one mentors and a "skills dojo group" of similarly mission-driven and capable people. Together with these people, you will practice and work on tasks related to various Mentorship and Training Topics. Your mentors will include domain experts who have worked at the scale of the redesign tasks which you yourself face.


Our research topics cover a lot of ground. Here are some things we're reinventing together:

Academic Collaboration, Community Practices, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Democratic Processes, Design Iteration, Family Structures, KPIs, Large Org Processes, Learning Models, Marketing, Meetings, Nonfiction Publishing, Org Structures, Sales, Self-Help, Social Networks, Social Safety Nets, Workplaces.


We have a growing network of trained and proven design and metrics mentors. These are respectful, trustworthy people who understand how difficult it is to change products and processes that are already operating at scale. They can keep their cool in rooms with a crazy mix of stakeholders. They mostly have day jobs changing the world, but they could take a moment to help you if it's important. Do you need one?

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Mentorship Research FAQ

Common Questions:
Is this related to Humane Tech?
Who developed the courses?
How is this different from other values-based design approaches?
Do important people like me take the classes?

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